True beauty and strength come from within.

In 2016 hydrolyzed marine collagen was one of the health trends to watch for. Whether you are an athlete and want to reduce join pain and improve your post workout recovery, or you are looking to improve your skin health by increasing hydration and elasticity - you need to learn more about marine collagen peptides. Ingestible collagen has been used for decades in other countries and has suddenly become a constant buzz within North America. Our society is becoming more educated and aware that health and beauty start from within, and thus the shift in focus from topical collagen products to ingestible collagen supplements has begun.



Collagen is the main structural protein in the body, making up 75% of the skin’s composition. Starting in our mid-twenties, our body’s ability to produce collagen decreases. There are other factors that slow collagen production in the body such as poor nutrition, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. This decrease in collagen in the body is one of the main reasons for aches and pains in our joints and bones, hair thinning, fine lines and wrinkles.

The benefits of withinUs TruMarine™ Collagen are vast and are experienced differently by everyone depending on what their body needs. TruMarine™ is clinically proven to activate the production of collagen within your body, thus slowing the aging process and improving overall health. After 4-6 weeks of taking 5g of TruMarine™ per day, you will notice the benefits  - whether it helps you feel stronger, reduces joint pain or improves skin elasticity and moisture levels - it will be sure to improve your overall health and create a natural and healthy glow from the inside-out.



Marine collagen is the highest grade of collagen available, due to its purity and bioavailability. withinUs TruMarine™ Collagen is Non-GMO Project verified and is sourced from the scales (not skin) of sustainably caught, wild fish. Frequent testing by Health Canada ensures that our product is free of heavy metals and pollutants (it is also FDA approved). 



The next “IT” superfood predicted to become even more popular within North America in 2017 is matcha. TruOrganic™ Matcha is an antioxidant powerhouse, containing nearly 7 times the amount of antioxidants as goji berries. It provides your body with all the nutrients available in the green tea leaf (including fibre, chlorophyll and phytonutrients), as you are consuming the entire leaf when drinking matcha. Although it has less caffeine than a cup of coffee, matcha provides a steady energy boost and also has a calming effect - a result from a rare amino acid called L-Theanine.

No caffeine spikes or jitters!



withinUs TruOrganic™ Matcha is an exclusive, premium, first harvest blend created just for us. It is a combination of the two highest grades of matcha available from one of the oldest and most highly acclaimed tencha growing regions in Japan, where matcha originated over 800 years ago. Our matcha is pure and tested for metals, including lead (which is an ongoing concern with lower quality matcha and products from China). Lower grade matcha often has a gritty texture, bitter flavour and is often used for baking instead of drinking, due to the harsh taste. TruOrganic™ Matcha is incredibly smooth and sweet to the taste - it is a withinUs Team favourite in and out of the office. For more information about our journey to find the perfect matcha, read our blog here

The TruPower Couple

When these two premium natural products are combined, they truly are a power couple. By combining all the benefits of TruMarine™ Collagen with the antioxidants and vitamins of TruOrganic™ Matcha, your body will thank you for all love it is receiving from one nutritionally packed concoction.

The Benefits 

TruMarine™ Collagen

  • Helps increase skin hydration, elasticity and vitality
  • Minimizes fine lines and deep wrinkles
  • Enhances bone strength and flexibility
  • Helps restore joint health and bone density
  • Reduces joint pain 

TruOrganic™ Matcha

  • An antioxidant powerhouse 
  • Includes ALL the nutrients from the green tea leaf
  • Helps increase energy, memory and concentration
  • Increases immune functioning
  • Increases metabolism 

The withinUs Team WHISKS IT UP every day!
Here's our favourite way to combine this truly perfect pair.



TruPower Couple Latte


(makes one serving)
¼ -½ cup of hot water (boiled, then slightly cooled), 175-180 degrees
1-2 teaspoons withinUs TruOrganic™ Matcha
1 stick pack/scoop (3-5g) withinUs TruMarine™ Collagen
¾ cup steamed/warmed non-dairy milk of choice
Optional: sweetener of choice, to taste (honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar/nectar)


  1. Combine withinUs TruOrganic™ Matcha and withinUs TruMarine™ Collagen into a medium size (soup) bowl.
  2. Lightly mix dry ingredients together with our bamboo whisk 
  3. Add hot water 
  4. Whisk rapidly in a “W” motion until a layer of foam forms at the surface.
  5. Add warmed/steamed non-dairy milk to the matcha and collagen mixture
  6. Stir in sweetener (optional)
  7. Pour into your favourite mug, and ENJOY!




withinUs Team 





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