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At withinUs, we strive to produce and provide the highest quality products for our customers and only source the most premium ingredients for our products.

TruMarine™ Collagen sitting on table with 2 glasses of water with lemon

TruMarine™ Collagen

Coconut Creamer™ jar sitting on table next to a cup of Coconut Creamer™

Coconut Creamer



Golden Glow™ sitting on table next to a nice plant

Golden Glow™

all three Misto flavours displayed, Matcha Misto™, Cacao Misto™, and Turmeric Misto™.

Misto Family

Jar of Plant Protein displayed next to a smoothie.

Plant Protein

Two jars of ReHydrate™, Tropical and Lemon displayed next to weights.


Hands holding a jar of TruOrganic™ Matcha.

TruOrganic™ Matcha

A jar of TruOrganic™ MCT displayed.

TruOrganic™ MCT

Hand Holding West coast salt Scrub. Salt Scrub/Gift Box/Accessories page.



What ARE CUSTOMERS are saying

Jillian Harris

I learned from the lovely team at WithinUs (ps, this is a LOCAL Vancouver company … and they are the sweetest!!) that there are MANY grades of matcha (just like collagen … if you haven’t checked out their collagen, do so, especially if you suffer from joint pain!! My dad uses it and SWEARS by it!!) and WithinUs gets their matcha from the most renown matcha farms in Kyoto, Japan! Here’s the crazy part … there are ACTUAL EXPERTS in Japan (like sommeliers!!) who grade the matcha … based on the smell, taste, and blend.


Amy Beeman

I’ve only been using withinUs TruMarine™ Collagen for two months and I’ve already noticed a difference. I’m a runner and my joints don’t ache after my long runs now. My nails are less brittle and my hair is stronger. And, most amazingly, my skin has cleared up! If this is what withinUs TruMarine™ Collagen can do in two months, I can’t wait to see what will happen in two years! I’m fully addicted. Amy Beeman is a Radio Announcer and Producer.

Kaitlyn Bristowe

After being on the Bachelorette, I sadly had hair loss due to stress. I read about withinUs TruMarine™ Collagen, and wanted to give it a try. After talking to the knowledgeable staff, I found out not only was it good for hair, but for nails, skin, and bones too. After only 4 weeks I saw a noticeable difference starting with my hair and nails. Now it's been 4 months and I can't have my coffee or tea without it!

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