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At withinUs, we strive to produce and provide the highest quality products for our customers and only source the most premium ingredients for our products.

TruMarine™ Collagen sitting on table with 2 glasses of water with lemon

withinUs™ TruMarine® Collagen

Matcha Misto™

Matcha Misto™



Coconut Creamer™ jar sitting on table next to a cup of Coconut Creamer™

Coconut Creamer

Golden Glow™ sitting on table next to a nice plant

Golden Glow™

all three Misto flavours displayed, Matcha Misto™, Cacao Misto™, and Turmeric Misto™.

Misto Family

Jar of Plant Protein displayed next to a smoothie.

Plant Protein

Two jars of ReHydrate™, Tropical and Lemon displayed next to weights.


Hands holding a jar of TruOrganic™ Matcha.

TruOrganic™ Matcha

A jar of TruOrganic™ MCT displayed.

TruOrganic™ MCT


Jillian Harris

TV Personality & Lifestyle Influencer

"WithinUs TruOrganic Matcha helps to improve concentration and cognition… and it has many of the same benefits as coffee without some of the negative effects … aka the JITTERS. Plus it’s FILLED with vitamins and antioxidants."

Shayna Taylor

Wellness Influencer & Entrepreneur

"I have noticed a huge difference in my hair, nails, joints, and muscle pains. I have always suffered with back pain, but when I started taking withinUs consistently, I felt significant relief."

Kaitlyn Bristowe

TV Personality & Podcast Host

"After being on the Bachelorette, I sadly had hair loss due to stress. After only 4 weeks [using withinUs TruMarine™ Collagen] I saw a noticeable difference starting with my hair and nails. Now I can't have my coffee or tea without it!"

Growth 500 2019 Award and The Globe And Mail Canada's Top Growing Companies award.
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