Matcha is a traditional Japanese tea made from stone ground tencha leaves. Tencha leaves have a very unique growing process, which includes protecting them from light during the last few weeks of before harvest. This preserves the smooth, rich flavour of the leaves and encourages maximum formation of antioxidants, amino acids and chlorophyll. High-grade, traditional matcha - such as withinUs TruOrganic Matcha - is made from tencha leaves that are harvested by hand, dried, and stone ground into a vibrant, emerald-green powder.

Quality, Craft, and Discerning Taste

What Makes Good Matcha?


High quality matcha will have a smooth and slightly sweet taste due to high levels of amino acids, and L-Theanine, which flourish when the leaves are shaded from the sun during the final weeks before harvest.


The brighter the matcha, the better! withinUs TruOrganic™ Matcha is bright and emerald-green in appearance – this means it contains more chlorophyll thanks to specialized growing techniques.


When making a bowl of high quality matcha, a micro layer of foam should form on the top. With lower quality matcha, large air bubbles will form, or there may be no bubbles after whisking.


High quality matcha originates in Japan. Japanese tea culture dates back to the 12th century - since then, tea planting and harvesting traditions have been specialized and perfected.

Boost Antioxidants and Energy

The Benefits

Packed with amino acids, nutrients, antioxidants, fibre and chlorophyll • Increase in energy, memory and concentration • Higher metabolism • Lower blood pressure • Increased immune functioning

Not all Matcha is created equal

The Difference