Strawberry Glaze Smoothie


With the summer sun in full swing, smoothies are a wonderful way to stay hydrated whilst also getting your daily dose of nutrients. 

Check out the recipe below for

Check out the recipe below-- a pescatarian-friendly and improved version of the Hailey Bieber smoothie that is making rounds online. With the addition of TruMarine® Collagen, and Coconut Creamer  it supports skin, hair, and joint health. Win win!



  • 1 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1 cup milk of choice
  • 1 tablespoon maple syrup 
  • 1 avocado 
  • 2 dates
  • 1 scoop withinUs TruMarine® Collagen
  • 1 scoop withinUs Coconut Creamer + TruMarine® Collagen

Coconut Cream

  • ½ cup coconut cream

Strawberry Glaze

  • ½ cup fresh strawberries
  • 3 tbsp water


  1. In a blender, add fresh strawberries and water. Blend until strawberries are pureed, and pour into a glass
  2. Add frozen strawberries, avocado, milk of choice, dates, maple syrup, coconut creamer, and collagen to the blender
  3. Blend all ingredients together until smooth and combined 
  4. Scoop coconut cream into the bottom of a glass
  5. Pour strawberry glaze over the coconut cream
  6. Add smoothie on top of coconut cream and strawberry glaze
  7. Stir and enjoy!
withinUs™ Team

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