With the soaring popularity of collagen, it is common for misleading information and inaccurate statements to circulate. Research and education are key before deciding on a product, especially those that you are consuming. 

At withinUs, we offer transparency and ensure we provide the facts for our customers.

withinUs was the first to introduce a premium-select grade marine collagen peptide to the North American market. At that time, collagen was often associated with topical creams and injectables and there was little understanding of the benefits of ingestible collagen. 

With more companies selling various grades of collagen products, the vocabulary and information that is shared about collagen is at best, questionable. 

We decided to look at some of the commonly held misconceptions about collagen Type I, II, III, and debunk myths with the truth.

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FACT: There are at least 16 known types of collagen in the body, and 80 – 90 percent of the collagen (in the body) consists of types I, II, and III.

Some companies will differentiate their collagen product(s) by classifying them as: Type I, II or III. The “type” is not something a customer should focus on  this is purely intended for marketing purposes. 


When a company classifies their product as Type I, II, III, consumers often get fixated on the ‘type’ they should purchase for the associated benefits. What is overlooked and more important, is the quality, source, amino acid composition and bioavailability (absorption). 

FACT: Collagen peptides are composed of specific amino acids that can NOT be classified as a ‘type’.



MYTH #1 – ‘Type II’ collagen is best for bone and joints.



MYTH #2 – Consuming collagen products that combine “Type I, II, III”, are more balanced and provide whole-body support.

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MYTH #3 – Collagen is all the same, just different packaging.



Not all collagen is created equal. Learn more about the withinUs difference here.  

MYTH #4 – withinUs TruMarine Collagen only offers beauty benefits for hair, skin and nails.



MYTH #5 -  Bovine (cattle) and porcine (pig) collagen powders are more easily absorbed because humans are more closely related to them.

The United States is home to 94.8 million cattle as of 2019 (1). The clearcutting necessary to accommodate the increasing space for farmland contributes significantly to the production of global greenhouse emissions. Brazil is where much of the world’s ‘grass-fed bovine collagen’ comes from. The farming practises that take place to produce ‘grass-fed collagen’ products are destroying the Amazon rainforest due to the clearcutting and purposeful burning in order to create more open space for farmland.

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Knowledge is key and we are proud to offer complete transparency to our customers. When it comes to your health quality matters and it is important to invest in your health.

When you choose withinUs, you can trust that all of our products are superior, premium-select grade and meet our team’s incredibly high standards. If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is always happy to help. 

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