COVID-19 Update For Our Customers

To our valued withinUs™ customers,

It is extremely important to continue the connection with our customers and sustain a lasting relationship based on trust. During this unprecedented and uncertain time, the withinUs team has been thinking about our friends and families, as well as our incredible customers, and we want to remain transparent with how we are approaching COVID-19 and operating our business.

withinUs™ is committed to ensure the safety and health of our team and community. We continue to have a portion of our team members work from home as well as carefully adhering to the recommendations provided by local health authorities, the World Health Organization, the CDC, and the Government of Canada. We are truly committed to do our share in the community to minimize the spread of this virus.

We have strategized and developed contingency plans in order to continue operating. Our online store at remains open and we will continue to fulfill your withinUs™ orders in a timely manner.

We are grateful to our network of loyal retailers as they are a supportive extension of our company. We have a personal connection and partnership with our retailers and that is important to us. For this reason, you will not find our products in big box retailers.
Our promise is to continue to provide exemplary service - this is our commitment to you.

We appreciate your continued support, referrals, and patronage, during this time more than ever, your support means the world to us.

Our dedicated withinUs™ team are happy to help answer any of your questions. Please do not hesitate to reach out and connect.


Call: 604.428.3143 or toll free at: 1.888.252.3057

Stay healthy,

Tami Nasu withinUs CEO and founder

Tami Nasu
withinUs CEO and founder