Taking care of our team and customers has always been our top priority.

From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, withinUs jumped into action to keep our team safe. We closely monitor the changing landscape of COVID-19, follow the orders/guidelines from our Provincial Health Officer in order to make the best decisions possible to support our team, customers, and retail partners. withinUs reviews and updates our COVID-19 Safety Plan that outlines the policies, guidelines, and procedures to protect team members to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission in the workplace.

 The withinUs™ in-house COVID Safety Plan is in place to continue to follow strict guidelines to protect our customers and staff members. 

  • Every team member, visitor is required to complete a daily health check prior to coming into the office.
  • withinUs™ has a mandatory mask/face covering policy and the team maintain a distance of 2 metre (6 feet) between workers and others wherever possible. This is a national policy which applies to all employees, and scheduled visitors.
  • We have invested in new processes, personal protective equipment, and technology to best protect our staff. Our COVID-19 policy established occupancy limits, rescheduling work tasks, rearranging work spaces, and movement of people.
  • We have significantly reduced the number of team members in our facility to limit exposure and to allow for safe physical distancing.
  • Team members have been asked to cancel non-essential personal and business travel (domestic and international).  
  • Our COVID-19 policy prohibits the team from crowding together and we have stablished a one person at a time policy in our common area/kitchen.
  • withinUs™ supports team members to work from their private residence (depending on the nature of their work involved), unless there is a preference on the part of the employer or the team member to work at the workplace.
  • Physical plexiglass barriers have been designed, installed and are used appropriately for specific work tasks and for certain configurations of the workplace.
  • Team members working at the office arrive in their own vehicle, or one of the company vehicles - no transit at this time.
  • We have implemented enhanced daily sanitization protocols. All high-touch surfaces are sanitized routinely and regularly, and hand washing amongst team members occurs regularly.
  • While packing orders, our operations team follows strict safety protocols including wearing masks and gloves.
  • Team members that feel ill or begin to showcase any symptoms regardless if it is a mild cold/flu/COVID-19 are required to stay home and monitor their symptoms. If symptoms emulate those of COVID-19, team members are required to promptly get tested.
  • We have implemented enhanced daily sanitization protocols. All high-touch surfaces are sanitized routinely and hand washing occurs regularly.
  • All deliveries and pick-ups occurring at our office must adhere to our stringent physical distancing and mask covering policy. We adhere to contactless deliveries and packages must be left outside our door.
  • As we continuously pivot and adjust to the 'new normal' working conditions, we have developed necessary COVID-19 policies to manage the workplace. We have communicated and addressed withinUs™ COVID-19 protocols and are extremely cautious to ensure our team members are kept safe.

Communication is key and we continue to update and address the team with new provincial and national orders and reiterate the withinUs COVID-19 safety protocols.