Smoothies are my absolute favourite way to sneak in tons of veggies, fruits, and superfoods into my diet. They are super easy to make and when made properly taste delicious! When adding withinUs TruMarine™ Collagen into my smoothie, I like to incorporate some fruits and / or veggies that are high in vitamin C. How come? Well, this marine collagen is especially rich in glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline (three amino acids) that absorb into the body faster with the help of vitamin C. Contrary to popular belief, vitamin C is found in a lot of veggies and fruits and not just citrus fruits.

Here are my top vitamin C fruits that will add so much yum to your next smoothie.


Papaya: This pear-shaped tropical fruit with that orange-y, pinkish hue inside is not only delicious but they contain an excellent amount of vitamin C. This fruit was referred to as “the fruit of the angels” for good reason. Packed with antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins, it also contains papain, an enzyme that helps digest proteins. This particular enzyme is often included in digestive enzyme dietary supplements for that reason and helps treat indigestion. Last, papaya contains the highest amount of vitamin C compared to any other fruit or veggie!

Strawberries: Another fruit that contains a high amount of vitamin C, these berries are also a good source of biotin and folic acid, while also remaining low in sugar and high in antioxidants. Biotin helps your body use essential fats thus assisting in the promotion of healthy skin, hair and nerves. Signs that you are deficient in biotin would be dry skin, poor hair condition (premature greying of hair), eczema or dermatitis.

Oranges: Everyone’s favourite go-to citrus fruit for when they are sick is usually oranges. True, they are high in vitamin C, but they also contain flavonoids, in particular hesperidin. This flavonoid has been shown to lower blood pressure and cholesterol and to have strong anti-inflammatory properties. These beauties are important then for the functioning of the immune system and to fight infections in addition to potentially lowering cholesterol.

Baobab powder: I have written about the benefits of baobab powder before, which you can check out here. Basically, this is an optional superfood that you can add to this smoothie to boost the vitamin C content even higher. It also contains important trace minerals such as zinc, which is beneficial for skin health as well. It’s optional in this recipe because if you don’t have it, there is no need to include it in this recipe, but it is a nice addition.

Chia seeds: These tiny little seeds that gel up when mixed with a liquid pack a serious nutrition punch. Ultra marathon runners in the Aztec actually consume them in water to increase their stamina and endurance for long periods of time. They contain a good amount of fibre, which help balance blood sugar levels and keep your energy sustained for hours. Because of the fibre, they make for an excellent food to have during a cleanse as well.

withinUs TruMarine™ Collagen: This virtually tasteless and odourless hydrolyzed collagen powder is made up of a unique combination of amino acids that are essential for building and replenishing lost collagen. This particular collagen is made from fish scales sourced from the Pacific Ocean and is therefore considered to be a Type I form of collagen. Type I is the most abundant form of collagen that is found in the skin, tendons, blood vessels, ligaments, organs and the cornea of the eye. Sadly as we age, we lose 1% of collagen per year, which can lead to skin, hair, nail and joint issues. I really love using this particular product not only because it’s non-GMO Project Verified, but it has also been Health Canada approved via clinical studies to increase skin hydration, strengthen hair and nails, reduce joint pain associated with osteoarthritis, and improve workout recovery.


Get The Glow Papaya Smoothie


1 cup water
1 cup papaya
1/2 cup strawberries
juice from half a large orange
2 tsp chia seeds
1 tsp baobab powder (optional)
1 packet / 5g of withinUs TruMarine™ Collagen



1. Pour all ingredients into a blender and blend on high until smooth.


Happy blending!


Jaclyn Irwin is a Holistic Nutritionist based in Toronto, and the owner of Holistic Foodie - a food and lifestyle blog with a focus on using nutrient dense whole foods to nourish the body from the inside out. With a background in green beauty, working at The Detox Market and a love for real unprocessed food, Jaclyn aims to inspire people to get to know their inner holistic foodie and learn to love food again. Jaclyn has contributed to Jules wellnessThe Naked Label, and is featured in Jesse Lane’s e-book. You can connect with Jaclyn on Instagram.

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