We are wearing PINK today!
A portion of all sales through our e-store for the remainder of February will be donated in support of Pink Shirt Day.

On February 17, some members of the withinUs Team attended the 6th annual CKNW Orphan’s Fund Pink Shirt Day luncheon. We are proud to be one of the many partners with Pink Shirt Day to support this important cause.

Blue Water Cafe was dusted with pink, and the positive energy in the room was electric. The sold-out event is one that everyone looks forward to each year. We wish we could spend every Friday afternoon in a room full of over 200 women and men who are active and passionate about making a difference. It was a humbling experience listening to individuals openly sharing stories to help raise funds for a common issue - bullying.


The event kicked off with MC, Kristi Gordon. Kristi, a Global BC meteorologist, shared her story about being a victim of bullying when she was pregnant. Kristi received hate mail from viewers who openly disapproved her wardrobe choices, and criticized her for the amount of weight she gained during her pregnancy. Kristi talked about how people sent anonymous letters, and went out of their way to make her feel bad about herself for the way she looked.

Her story was a harsh reminder that words DO hurt. Kristi, a confident woman, admitted how these hateful words affected her. She began to question herself and the way she looked, and wondered if she should spend more time exercising or wear different clothes in order to gain approval.

Kristi’s story is an uncomfortable yet important reminder that bullying is not just an issue in elementary and high schools, it is also present in families, in the workplace and online - it is everywhere.

 After enjoying a delicious lunch, there was intense and competitive bidding on the various silent auction items. There was also a lively, and highly entertaining live auction (hosted by the BC Lions’, Marco Iannuzzi) - including an extravagant Nordstrom shopping spree, Vancouver Canucks club suite tickets, and luxurious Opus Hotel package.

The highlight for us, was listening to keynote speaker, and Co-Founder of Pink Shirt Day, Travis Price.


Travis captivated the room with his charisma and passion. Listening to Travis’ story was moving and powerful, it brought tears to our eyes. Travis explained that in every bullying situation you are faced with a choice. You can choose to do something to help, or you can choose to walk away. 

How It All Began

When Travis and his friend David Shephard (both in grade 12 at the time) witnessed a grade 9 student being bullied for wearing pink at their high school in Nova Scotia, they chose to do something to help. They took to social media and spread the word to their peers to wear pink the following day at school. The next day 850 of the 1000 students at their school wore pink to stand in solidarity with the bullied student. They created a movement, they inspired change.


The message is as important as it is impressive:  Two 17 year old boys wearing pink shirts in solidarity for someone who was being bullied. This action sent a clear message to their high school to stand up and not be a bystander.

The pink shirt is now synonymous with anti-bullying, reminding us to not only be kind, but to take a stand and make a difference. 
The CKNW Orphan’s Fund continue to support Pink Shirt Day, and since 2008 has raised over $1.5 million for the cause.


Where the money goes

100% of the net proceeds raised by the CKNW Orphan’s Fund Pink Shirt Day are donated to anti-bullying programs. Some of the largest grants go to The Red Cross, which has programs that work in schools to educate students on bullying and prevention, and The Boys and Girls Clubs of South Coast BC.


withinUs to be Kind

As a Canadian company, we believe it is vital to be active within our community, and we are honoured to support worthy causes whenever possible. Bullying is an issue that the withinUs Team is passionate about supporting.

Thanks to Sarah Dubois-Phillips and her team at the CKNW Orphan's Fund for all their work organizing this amazing event. We would also like to thank our very own TruAmbassador, Jen Murtagh, for starting the luncheon 6 years ago, as well as all the volunteers. A big thank you to Travis Price for sharing his story, and for creating a movement that continues to bring so many people together to stand against bullies.

We can’t wait for next year, and without doubt, will be bringing our whole team!

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