At the withinUs office, we are often smiling, laughing and 'awww-ing' over dog stories, photos and videos. For us, our dogs become a big part of our families. Roger Caras describes it perfectly, “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”

This week the withinUs team has picked our top 10 dogs of Instagram (it was REALLY hard to narrow it down to only 10).

These adorable, larger than life personalities are definitely worth the follow.


Handle: @marniethedog 
Breed: Shih Tzu
Bio: Adopted at the age of 11, Marnie is now one of the most popular dogs on the internet. When she was found on the streets, she was thought to be blind in one eye, but after some TLC her eyes cleared up and she became a happy and healthy dog. Her iconic head tilt and stuck-out tongue will surely brighten up your day.


                                                                       Photo credit:@marniethedog     



Handle: @mrbentley_thedog
Breed: English Bulldog
Bio: Vancouver's 4 year old Bentley loves beaches, car rides and flying in helicopters. Just a furry, little co-pilot living life one backwards step at a time! 


                                                                      Photo credit: @mrbentley_thedog


8.  JOJO

Handle: @supercorgi_jojo 
Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Bio: Jojo’s username does not lie; super corgi is as accurate as you can get. Jojo is a fashion forward Corgi who enjoys water-sports such as paddle boarding and surfing. He spends his free time going on hikes and volunteering as a therapy dog. You go, Jojo!


                                                                         Photo credit: @supercorgi_jojo 



Handle: @georgetheairedale
Breed: Airedale Terrier

Bio: Meet troublemaker George. At 2 years old, it's never a dull day with George - from his iconic sitting pose, his sideways guilty glance and boundless energy! Earlier this year, we were all watching George's mom - Tamara Taggart's - instastory, and how George was gradually introduced to his new feline sisters, Broccoli and Brussel Sprout

It was the best entertainment!


                                                                     Photo credit: @georgetheairedale



Handle: @nachocilantro 
Breed: Boxer

Bio: Rescued from Mexico as a puppy, Nacho now is living large in Kelowna, BC with his mom, Jillian Harris, dad, Justin Pasutto and little brother, Leo. Nacho is often featured in photo shoots with his mom, and recently had a cameo appearance on the Jillian and Justin show. Give Nacho Cilantro a follow, and see all the fun that he and his humans get up to.


                                                                             Photo credit: @nachocilantro 



Handle: @smileytheblindtherapydog 
Breed: Golden Retriever
Bio: Smiley has been blind and without eyes since birth, but that has not stopped him from living his best life. He was rescued from a puppy mill, and is now a child therapy dog. Smiley’s goal is to “teach the world to see with your heart”.


                                                         Photo credit: @smileytheblindtherapydog 



Handle: @chessonchairs 
Breed: Border Collie

Bio: Chess lives in Nashville, and at only 6 months old, she is already a professional Instagram model. Just as her username implies, if you follow Chess you will see ample photos of this adorable girl sitting on chairs around Nashville, Tennessee.


                                                                         Photo credit: @chessonchairs 



Handle: @milliethegolden 
Breed: Golden Retriever
Bio: We love following Millie's adventures. Although Alaska is her home, Millie is always on-the-go, exploring the world. Luckily, her dad is a photographer who captures all the beautiful places they go.


                                                                      Photo credit: @milliethegolden 



Handle: @effiedog 
Breed: Unknown
Bio:  Effie is a rescue from Baja, Mexico. If you live in Vancouver, you may have seen her on a run through Stanley Park, or hanging around local vegan eateries. You also may have seen her on the label of Vancouver's Main Street Brewery's beer. Her loveable, gentle nature is obvious from photos and instastories, and she is a constant fixture at her mom - Erin Ireland's - side.


                                                                                Photo credit: @effiedog


1.  TAG (short for Tag-along)

Handle: @itsme_tag
Breed: Australian Labradoodle

Bio: We may be a little biased, but Tag had to be on this list. Tag is part of the withinUs Team, and brings so much joy to our office! He is a true survivor and incoporates withinUs TruMarine™ Collagen every day to help with his joint pain after a serious accident 4 years ago. For 7 years, Tag has helped raise money for BCSPCA's top youth fundraiser 'Paws for a Cause'. This year will be his 8th year and he can't wait! Tag loves 'tagging along' with his family, going for walks, swimming at Kits dog beach, cuddling, and hanging out with his Uncle Josè  @ole_itsme_joseFun fact: Tag’s favourite song is 'Piano Man' by Billy Joel.


                                                                          Photo credit: @itsme_tag


If you have a recommendations of dogs to follow on Instagram, please leave a comment below with their handle - we are always on the lookout for dogs to adore!
withinUs Team

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