If getting to the gym is half the battle, you will want to keep motivated by finding the right type of exercise that you will enjoy and stick with.

We understand that as a someone getting back into a fitness routine, gyms and fitness centres can be overwhelming. If you find yourself too intimidated to take that first step into a conventional gym, we have some fun alternatives to help you have fun and reach your fitness goals.

Our top 6 favourite gym alternatives:

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Known as a low-impact workout, this style of exercise reduces strain on your joints but is still guaranteed to make you sweat! Spin classes are accommodating to all fitness levels and often include endurance and cardiovascular training.

Our favourite thing about spin class is the music! We can’t help but dance in our seat to all of the fun, upbeat, and inspiring tracks.

Some of our favourite spin studios include Spin Society and Method Cycling Studio in Vancouver.

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Although the classes are ballet-inspired, you are not required to have any prior dance training. This style of exercise focuses on small movements that feel similar to pilates - think strength training without heavy (or any) weights - most of the movements use solely bodyweight.

Some amazing barre classes can be found at Barre Fitness, Barre Room, and The Dailey Method.


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This is not quite the upbeat, heart-pumping cardio you get in a spin class, but the health benefits are just as rewarding. Whether you’re looking for a slower paced style such as Hatha/Vinyasa, or something more challenging such as Bikram/Power, these classes are targeted towards your entire body. Sculpt your arms, legs and core all while becoming more mindful.

Some of our favourite Yoga studios are YYOGA and Oxygen Yoga.

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This style of exercise is composed of a series of stretching and contracting movements that activate the body's largest muscle groups using small and precise pulsing movements. These are done slowly, reaching deep into the muscles to build a strong, firm body. The saying “small but mighty” most definitely applies. Expect to see the results you’ve been looking for!

A withinUs Team favourite is Kondi Fitness.

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High-intensity training meets weightlifting, meets gymnastics, meets circuit training. That is crossfit. This style of exercise is designed for all fitness levels and will test even the most fit individuals. Crossfit studios cultivate a very team driven and community atmosphere making it easy to stay motivated!

A couple of our favourite studios include Crossfit604 and Crossfit Canuck.

Group/Personal Training   

The Next Step Training Centre is more than a gym - it is a lifestyle, mindset, and
community that strives to teach both the experienced and inexperienced how to unleash their inner athlete. The newly opened facility is fully equipped with the tools necessary to achieve any fitness goal, and their staff are fun, encouraging, and knowledgable.  

A few of our favourite classes include Weight and Reps and Smash Therapy



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We have partnered with some of our favourite fitness studios to offer you a chance to try out a class! We have amazing prizes from Crossfit Canuck (Scarborough, ON), Method Cycling (Vancouver, BC), Yyoga (Toronto, ON), and Barre Fitness (Port Moody, BC). 


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  • Michelle Hastie

    Hello! I live in Ladnee BC and start my morning off with #collagenpowered coffee. I can’t wait to go to sleep at night so i can wake up and have my coconut collagen creamer. I also try and be active 4 days a week. 30 mins. I have tried spin at our local Lesuire center but would LOVE to try elsewhere. Thank you.

  • Kyla

    I live in Port Coquitlam and woudl love to try a barre class as I used to be a ballet dancer!! I stay collagen powder throughout
    My busy day with coconut creamer in my coffee, tru marine collagen in my lemon water and I like to sprinkle it into my baking so the cookies are actually healthy! 😉

  • Patti

    Hi I live and workout in Victoria BC. I stay #collagenpiwered daily by drinking Matcha Misto and adding TruMarine collagen to my coffee.

  • Patrick

    Hey I’m from North Vancouver and I stay #collagenpowered by putting it into my bulletproof coffee first thing in the mornings or popping some into a green tea!

  • Veronica

    Port Coquitlam and I stay fit and #collagenpowered with biotin and collagen gummies and taking the puppy out for adventures

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