You may have noticed, "STRONG AS A MOTHER" printed on women’s t-shirts or hoodies around town.  Strong as a Mother is a community and a sisterhood with the focus on acceptance and empowerment.

At withinUs, we are honoured to have a relationship with Tamara Komuniecki, owner of Delish General Store, and Co-Creator of Strong as a Mother brand. Tamara is truly an inspiring strong woman and mama. We connected with Tamara to ask her a few questions about Strong as a Mother - how it began, what it means, and how it has created a community and sense of understanding for strong women, and mothers everywhere.

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1. How / why did Strong As A Mother begin? What inspired it?

"Strong as a Mother was started in Alberta by a lovely woman who was interested in running a workout group for moms. It just started as a tank top with an empowering expression on it, shared between a few friends. I caught a glimpse of it on Instagram, and with her blessing, grew it into the movement it is today.

It is inspired by the strength I know I share with all other mothers - this to me is our one great unifying feeling and experience. Once you become a mother - either through birth or adoption - and are responsible for a small creature, you really find out what you are made of. It can be terrifying, frustrating, isolating and incredibly rewarding and fulfilling -- and that is all in the span of a single day! If someone had told me about this aspect of personal strength, resiliency and self-trust that motherhood would bring to my life, I wouldn't have believed it. I have lived it and am living it every day, and I know my fellow mothers are, as well. Strong as a Mother is meant to celebrate that, and it is also meant not only and not always to announce that to the world, but rather to remind the wearer, the mama, herself."

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2. What does ‘Strong As A Mother’ mean to you? Do you think it has different meanings to different people?

"I do think it has different meanings to different people, and one day I will tell my full story. It resonates with me on many levels and the deepest one I am not even ready to talk about yet. (Nothing like throwing a cliffhanger in there!) For now I can tell you that Strong as a Mother belongs to the moms. I have had men come into my store and ask either, "What does that mean?" or "Are you going to make Strong as a Father t-shirts?" and I always think to myself, 'It's really not for you. It's for us.' "

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3. Do you feel that this brand has created a community for mothers? If so, how have you seen the community grow as the brand has grown?

"Well, I aspire to grow the community aspect of this brand and club. I always feel a dollar short and a day late -- seriously the two things I lack in my business life are funds and time, and this has all been bootstrapped to the penny. So, I *want*, with everything, to create a community for mothers...but I do feel that our blog, social media channels and newsletter have in some small part at least started that. And really, the growth comes organically with new mamas seeing people in their circles wearing an item and they want to join too. All are welcome! We get mamas being asked at the airport, mall and gym, or at their child's baseball game or school pick-up where they got that amazing tank, t-shirt or sweatshirt, and so this growth is simply one woman at a time, one mama at a time, very honestly and organically (and maybe even accidentally) done."

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4. What is your personal experience with the strength it takes to be a Mother?

"Ah, yes. This is where I get into the really deeply personal side of my story that I am working on writing. I can say that I am a woman with a disability (active Rheumatoid Arthritis), and so I need a serious amount of strength to simply get through my day. Add in the care and love for my seven year old son, and it takes deep reserves of strength. I am rewarded many times over, and that is what adds to my reserves and keeps me going.

Since having my son, Finn, I have had four surgeries (for Arthritis - with ten more before he came along), and I have rehab, physio, medications, doctor's appointments and more. All of this while running a store as well as, Strong as a Mother, but time with my boy energizes me and reminds me why I am working so hard."

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5. 'The future is female' is a saying we hear so much today. Do you find there are similarities between this saying and Strong As A Mother? How does the brand contribute towards building a strong future for females?

"I think both of these expressions and brands are helping to empower a generation who have faced (and still face) some real struggles, but are coming into their own. I think both represent this time in our history when we are recognizing our strength, power, ability and resiliency, and act as a reminder of this."

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For more information about Strong as a Mother, or to purchase one of the amazing tanks, t-shirts or hoodies created by Tamara, visit the website here.

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    Don’t fixate on past friendships after your child is born. You will make new friendships with other moms & parents in general that could last a lifetime!

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    “Always say I Love You and Give Thanks to those you love!” ? You never know if you will see them again ??

  • Michelle

    My mom was a single mom who worked 3 jobs & still had time to tell her daughters to fight for thier dreams

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    Being a Mother is such a blessing. I thank God for my children every day!

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