Kaitlyn Bristowe is an amazing human, entrepreneur and a valued TruSupporter. Born in Leduc, Alberta, she is best known as a contestant on the nineteenth season of ABC's The Bachelor and as the lead on the eleventh season of The Bachelorette. Kaitlyn recently started a podcast called 'Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe' where she shakes things up, and creates a space where ladies (and gents) can feel empowered to be themselves. 

Kaitlyn's wit, honesty, and good heart shine through in her podcast episodes as she speaks with her guests, including TruSupporters, Jillian Harris and Erin Treloar - and of course, her fiancé Shawn Booth.  

Kaitlyn has been a loyal supporter of our withinUs TruMarine Collagen (as is her mom, Leslie!) and we always enjoy catching up with her.  Kate is fun-loving good sport and true to form, jumped at the opportunity to answer some of our questions about her new podcast, and City Strong!




What inspired you to start hosting your new podcast, 'Off the Vine'?

I have always wanted to be on the radio since I was little - I'm not sure where that came from. After being on TV, I realized that being able to still connect with people who follow me in my sweats with no cameras, is the way to go! I love making people laugh. I wanted to give them an hour to forget about the real world, and laugh with (and at) me.

What do you intend for your listeners to take away from each podcast episode?

I want people to feel uplifted, happy, and empowered.

What gives you inspiration for each episode? How do you select your guests?

I think I just know my audience. So for now, I have on a lot of Bachelor fan favourites, and from being in Nashville, some musicians. I am inspired to bring out the best in everyone and just make it a good time, and a place for them to be themselves. I hope to branch out and bring in different types of guests to expand my audience as well. I would love to have mediums, comedians, sex experts, and nutritionists as well!

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We love your podcast episode with Erin Treloar, Founder and CEO of Raw Beauty Talks. Why did you decide to feature Erin?

I have been inspired by Erin for years. I wanted to be involved with Raw Beauty before being on TV. Now being off TV and on social media, I have experienced bullying, comparing myself to others, and the impact it has as on me as an adult which can only mean it will affect fragile young children of all ages. I wanted to use my voice to help raise awareness and remind people that there's more to life.

What is the main message you want young women to take away in terms of self-love and beauty? Why do you think these are important lessons for all women to learn?

Self love is the most important form of love. We all have insecurities, and now they are all heightened with social media where people only show the highlight reel of their best moments, best angles, and so on. There are options to erase cellulite, take in your hips, and airbrush your “imperfections”. I want women to learn that these images we see in magazines and on social media aren’t real life. And that it's ok to post your best pictures, and throw a filter on. We all do it! But just be mindful of everyone else doing it, and also mindful of how you’re speaking to yourself. If we have more of these conversations and keep each other honest, we will see a difference in our confidence.  (Check out Free to be Talks)


In your interview with Erin, you say: "Once you get the inside right, your outside will fall into place." 

I truly believe a person becomes more beautiful when you get to know their soul. What drives them, what makes them happy, what makes them sad, how they treat others. And when you love who you are, and you’re happy from the inside out, it shows. It attracts people. If you are kind to yourself, and love yourself, you will find true happiness.

How does staying healthy tie into self-love for you? How does being involved with City Strong help that?

It's a proven fact that being healthy makes you happy. It’s actually so simple. It's a scientific FACT!!! How can we ignore that? Who doesn’t feel better about themselves after a workout or a healthy meal? CitySTRONG takes that to the next level. We bring a community together, to show you that working out can be fun. And it also gives back to charity. No one leaves CitySTRONG feeling bad. We are a team of all levels. I can’t do the work out, the same way Erin and Shawn could. We make it for all levels, modified versions of the workouts, and do what you can. I think the men that come think it will be an easy work out with some people who were on TV. They are the ones who leave the sweatiest. haha!

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What makes YOU feel beautiful?

To be honest, I feel the most beautiful when I’m around family, my closest friends, and Shawn (oh, and Tucker) because that's when I feel the most loved. It doesn’t matter if I’m done up for a date night, or in my sweats. When I’m surrounded by the ones who love me. I feel beautiful.


If you haven't tuned into Off The Vine yet, make sure you do every Tuesday!

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