Proudly Canadian ~ withinUs Team

Happy Birthday, Canada!

Canada Day to us is more than a weekend of bbqs and fun community activities, it is also a time we like to reflect and appreciate how fortunate we are to call CANADA our home.

withinUs is very proud to be a 100% owned and operated Canadian company.  

We are very fortunate to live in this beautiful and diverse country.  A country that provides universal coverage for medically necessary health care services.

Health Canada is one of the world's most rigorous regulating bodies and has systems in place to protect the health and safety of Canadians by ensuring that we have access to effective, and often high-quality Natural Health Products. This may attribute to fewer Canadian natural health product companies, but it also means that the products available to Canadians, meet high standards.

As a global leader in the regulation of natural health products, Canada ensures that its citizens have access to safe, effective, and high-quality products. Once a product has gone through Health Canada's stringent evaluation and receives approval, a product license and NPN (Natural Product Number) is issued. The NPN is an eight-digit number that must appear on the outside label of all natural health products that make claims on their packaging - including vitamin and mineral supplements, herbal remedies, probiotics, and enzymes.

Sourcing is also very important to us, and we are proud to hold a nonGMO Project verification. NonGMO project verification ensures that no genetically modified organisms are used in our product, GMOs can be harmful, and reflect in lower quality, inexpensive products. withinUs TruMarine™ Collagen is sourced exclusively from the scales of wild-caught, sustainably sourced fish. These fish are caught for human consumption, and the scales would otherwise be discarded.

withinUs™ TruMarine® Collagen has been reviewed and approved by Health Canada. There are products that we find in our grocery, supplement, health food shelves that are NOT Health Canada approved. Looking for an NPN is an important step in ensuring the products you are purchasing are tested, reviewed, and safe and holds a license or approval from Health Canada. 

At withinUs™ Natural Health, our goal is to provide premium-select grade products, and exemplary customer service. The withinUs Team is very knowledgeable and passionate about our products, and we are constantly striving to ensure that every customer is well informed and satisfied. We take pride in being able to stand behind our products by offering 100% transparency, and knowing with certainty that all withinUs products are the highest and most premium-select grade products available.

We also believe in the importance of providing our products in a socially responsible manner. This commitment is reflected in our strategic partnerships and our belief in contributing positively to society. We are honoured to support worthy causes and are involved in many charitable events throughout the year and are proud to support other Canadian businesses.

We have authentic engagement (never paid, false, misleading engagement) and our TruSupporters &  Ambassadors  are fiercely loyal and support withinUs as a brand, company and the people behind it.  We are forever grateful.

A big, "THANK YOU" to all our Canadian customers for your continued support, we Tru-ly appreciate you.

Happy Canada Day!
xo withinUs Team

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  • Loreen Seney

    I feel my joints, hair and nails are healthier when taking the collegian sticks in my smoothies.

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