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Milk and cookies are often the definition of a classic, childhood snack. There is something nostalgic and comforting about a freshly baked cookie and a cold, glass of milk. Undeniably delicious but, not necessarily nutritious. As emotionally comforting as this snack may be, we urge you to try a guilt-free, “TruTwist” on this childhood classic.

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is one of our favorite alternatives to cow’s milk. It is quick, simple and economic to make yourself.

All you need is:

4 cups of hot water
1.5-2 cups of fresh, organic coconut flakes or flesh (unsweetened)

In your trusty blender, add coconut and water and blend together until thick and creamy. Pour the mixture through a cheese cloth or nut bag and squeeze to filter out the smaller pieces of coconut.

Stir in 4-5 scoops of withinUs TruMarine™ Collagen and enjoy a cup immediately or store in a glass mason jar in the fridge for up to 3-4 days. Use it in your smoothies, coffee, oatmeal or chia seed pudding, but it’s absolutely delicious just to drink on it’s own.

Why Coconut Milk?

It’s 100% lactose free & gluten free: Many people have some degree of lactose intolerance, and coconut milk is a great way to enjoy a creamy beverage while avoiding the negative side effects of lactose.

Packed with nutrients: Coconut milk contains good fatty acids, including lauric acid, which help lower cholesterol and protect the body against infection.

Hormone and Antibiotic free: Cow’s milk goes through an extreme process, with high amount of antibiotics, hormones, and genetically-modified substances that cows are continually exposed to. This, among other reasons have made us switch to non-dairy alternatives.

Homemade coconut milk made from fresh, organic coconuts contain no toxins or hormones, making it a purer, healthier choice.

Golden Turmeric Milk

Our nightly ritual and perfect night-cap; we love to sip a mug of Tumeric Milk as we unwind before bed. This ‘milk’ has a host of benefits, and it will also help you get to sleep faster.

You will need:

1 teaspoon of organic turmeric (fresh or powder)
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
½ inch sliced ginger
pinch of black pepper
1-2 cups of organic almond or coconut milk.

Add all the ingredients in a saucepan and gently heat the mixture for 3-5 minutes. (If using fresh turmeric, add all ingredients into a blender before heating). Pour through a strainer and stir one scoop of withinUs TruMarine™ Collagen to your delicious, turmeric milk and enjoy!

If you wish to sweeten this delicious concoction, we suggest raw, organic honey or coconut nectar to taste.

Why Turmeric?

It’s a natural detoxifier: Your new year detox never tasted so good! Turmeric is a natural liver detoxifier and increases the functionality of this vital organ.

Nature’s painkiller: Turmeric has many anti-inflammatory properties, making it a great natural choice for those experiencing arthritis or joint pain.

Soothing: Turmeric works with the gallbladder to stimulate and aid digestion. It soothes an upset stomach and decreases gas and bloating.

Banana Power Cookies

Lisa Kondi, owner and founder of Kondi Kitchen has created, in our opinion, the best power cookie in town. It's no wonder it has become one of her top sellers. We finally found a delicious power cookie that actually gives us what it claims to – power and energy.

These powerhouse cookies are packed with strategically chosen ingredients to supply your body with energy that will keep you going and feeling great all day.

These cookies are FULL of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory minerals including vitamin B2, C, E, copper, potassium and magnesium. They also include two superfoods: raw cacao and goji berries.

Raw cacao contains mood-enhancing chemicals, energy-boosting properties and has one of the highest percentages of magnesium in any food.

Not to be outdone, Goji Berries are known to strengthen the immune system and promote longevity.

A creamy, sunflower seed base mixed with rich medjool dates, bananas, tart cherries, coconut, withinUs TruMarine™ Collagen and pumpkin seeds will satisfy your sweet tooth and leave your belly happy!

Be sure to check out the salads, bowls (roasted cauliflower & leek bowl is one of our favorites) and the amazing power cookies on Kondi Kitchen’s site. Perfect for the person who wants to eat healthier and has a busy schedule with little time to cook. All you have to do is choose your item(s), pick a delivery date & enjoy. Gather a few co-workers and order lunch together. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

Why Lisa Kondi’s Banana Power Cookie?

Hand picked ingredients: The banana power cookie is Lisa’s own creation and every ingredient is carefully chosen not only because it tastes great, but also to serve a purpose. Many of the ingredients supply your body with:

Antioxidants: Help to neutralize collagen-damaging free radicals and protect you from premature aging.

Magnesium: One of the most overlooked minerals, a vast majority of the population remain magnesium deficient, and thus miss out on the amazing benefits:muscle activation, increases energy, aids in the digestion of proteins, carbs and fats and regulates and controls many bodily functions.

Potassium: Known to enhance muscle strength, metabolism, anxiety and stress, potassium assists in balancing body pH and blood sugar regulation.

Easily digestible: These power cookies contain proteins which are easier for the body to digest than those found in meat, eggs, milk and cheese.

Keeps your skin glowing: Healthy, glowing skin is more about what you put in your body than what you put on it. The natural ingredients in these cookies help protect the skin, prevent wrinkles, build up your immune system and make you feel good.

Try a "TruTwist" on a classic, childhood snack and benefit nutritiously and indulge with absolutely zero guilt.

You can definitely have your cookie, and eat it too.


Happy snacking,

withinUs TruMarine Team

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