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If you were fortunate enough to have been mentored by a strong, loving and resilient female, consider yourself lucky. We asked seven of our withinUs™ TruAmbassadors and Loyal Supporters to share with us their stories and advice...from mom.

Their reflections echoed one another - a mom who is comfortable in her own skin, one that embraces challenges, inspires and helps others, and values the importance of independence. These phenomenal moms were always willing to share advice and stories, or simply lead by example.

1. Kaitlyn Bristowe

Kaitlyn is from the small town of Leduc, Alberta and is best known as the 11th season Bachelorette - the popular TV show on ABC.  Kaitlyn has taken the social media world by storm (with over 1M loyal Instagram followers) and continues to showcase her personality and unique perspective with KaitlynBristowe.com.  She has made appearances on major network talk-shows including the likes of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Good Morning America, and Entertainment Tonight.

"Something my Grandma and Great Grandma always said was: "Haste makes waste.” Which means, don’t waste your time, always do things right the first time. My mom always said: “Be YOU, to be be-YOU-tiful." Which means, stay true to who you are, because that is what makes you beautiful!”


2. Alex Troll

Alex and her mom, Christina Prevost, are the founders of The Juicery Co. - a Vancouver based Organic, Cold Pressed Juice & Nut Mylk Shop.

“My mom is the strongest woman I know. Like any teenager, I was tough on my Mom over the years and I'm so lucky for all the love and patience she's given me. We decided to start a business together two years ago and I've discovered through working together that we're very alike- when you're young you can't see or appreciate that. It's so special to have a friendship with your Mom. She has always believed in me; taught me to embrace failures and that's helped me learn to love myself. Her best advice, ironically is the one I disagreed with growing up: 'A messy room is a messy mind!'  Now, I think:  It’s so true!”


3. Jillian Harris

Jillian is the host of Love it or List It Vancouver (Canada)Love It Or List It Too (USA), and is an accomplished interior designer. With creativity and infectious energy, Jillian’s love for fashion, decor, food, fitness, travel, and family is fully expressed at JillianHarris.com and through her clothing line - JH for Privilege.  

“My mom taught me never to say or use the word HATE. I never forget it. I will catch myself saying it, and always try to use ‘dislike’ instead.


4. Jen Schaeffers

Jen is the executive Director of the CKNW Orphan’s Fund and is an active community leader. She spearheads the Pink Shirt Day campaign, promoting kindness, compassion, and empathy.

“My mother is someone who instilled in me the importance of service to others. She taught me, by example, to give, give, give. Offer empathy, volunteer and above all be kind to others. When you haven’t been kind, seek forgiveness as we are all human and make mistakes. Forgive yourself and most importantly forgive others. Love above all.”


5. Alexandra Miller

Alex specializes in TRX, HIIT, and Callanetics, and helps her clients reach their fitness goals as an instructor and Studio Manager at Kondi Fitness.

"After two years of battling breast cancer, my mom has taught me what bravery is and to never give up on my goals. She has shown me what true love is in the hard times and to always appreciate the little things in life."


6. Erin Cebula


Erin is a reporter for Entertainment Tonight Canada, an active advocate for the BCSPCA, and a proud spokesperson for the BC Children’s Hospital Lottery.

“My mom has never been big on formal advice, but this lady sets a very strong example. She's highly creative, intelligent and everything she does - she does with gusto. As you can see she is also the one responsible for my addiction to dress-up!”


7. Kaitlin Hargreaves


Kaitlin works her magic on the set of W networks’ “Love it or List it Vancouver” as the Key Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist. She was also the Key Makeup Artist for Vancouver Fashion Week and has worked for well known companies such as MAC, Shiseido and Christian Dior.

“All my life, my friends have always told me, ‘your mom’s the best!’ To me, she was just my mom, I never knew anything else. It hasn't been until recently, that I've come to truly understand and appreciate how much she does for me, and everyone in her life. Many know my mom as a strong, focused and driven woman. She is organized and meticulous, and she is ALWAYS there to help you out.  I have the pleasure of being her daughter, and knowing her as a beautiful, hilarious and silly woman- full of life and energy. She has always encouraged me to be independent and do better, and is never far away when I need advice or someone to confide in. I can honestly say that if it weren't for my mom, I wouldn't, and couldn't, be the woman I am today, and for that I will always be thankful.”

 With Mother’s Day around the corner, we wanted to acknowledge and appreciate the moms who teach us about beauty from within, moms who practice love, respect, patience, and compassion. Moms that champion the importance of selflessness, independence and strength.  Here's to the moms who lead by example, help us learn from our mistakes, challenge us to be our best and live life with gusto.

Thanks, Mom!


What is the best advice your mom, grandma or auntie passed on to you?

TruMarine Team


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